The 50 attempts in the Bulgarian history




Krum Blagov

Birth Date:                17-10-1953, Sofia, Bulgaria
Family Status:           Married, with two children
1979                           Sofia University
                                   Subject: Bulgarian Literature
                                   Second Subject: German Language
                                   Diploma: Magister
1986                           Herder Institut, Leipzig
                                   German Language for European Journalists Perfection Course


1976-1979                  Reporter in Narodna Mladezh newspaper, Sofia
1979-1982                  Correspondent for Narodna Mladezh in Southeast Bulgaria

1982-1990                  Editor in Zemedelsko zname newspaper, Sofia
1987-1989                  Host of “Dobar den” - live radio talk show about law,
                                   9 – 11 AM on the Bulgarian National Radio
1990-1997                  Manager of Reporter 7 Weekly newspaper
1994                           Host of “Predizborno Studio” (“Pre-elections Studio”)
                                   a television talk show about the 1994 parliament elections
1998 -                         Manager of Reporter Publishing Company LTD
2002-                           Special correspondent of the newspaper “Standartnews”

over 2200 in the newspapers: Standartnews, Narodna Mladezh,
                                    Zemedelsko zname, Reporter 7, 24 chassa, Junge Welt (Berlin),
Sofia News, Anteni, Pogled, Otechestven Fron, Starshel
                                    and the magazines Otechestvo, Mladezh, Qbshtestvo i pravo
2000                           “50 Greatest Attempts in Bulgarian History”
2007                           “60 Greatest Attempts in Bulgarian History”
Social Activities:
1991-1997                  Organizer of the national inquiry “Reporter of the Year”
1996-                          Chairman of Board of the “Reporter” Journalist Foundation

1998                           Leader of and lecturer at the series of seminars “Law Prosecution
                                   of Journalists in Bulgaria 1990-1998”
1999                           Publisher of the Reporter on Trial bulletin with the financial aid
                                   of the PHARE program
2002-2003                  Project coordinator of “Journalistic Investigations with Open
                                   Sources”, a project financed by the Democracy Commission with
                                    the Embassy of the United States in Sofia