The 50 attempts in the Bulgarian history


The 50 attempts in the Bulgarian history
The 50 attempts in the Bulgarian history is a classification of the most important assassinations, conspiracies, kidnappings and hijackings that have taken place from the establishment of the Bulgarian republic in 681 up to the beginning of 21th century. The events are not ordered in a chronological manner, but according to the impact they had on history. If one would like to acquaint oneself with the Bulgarians and Bulgaria, this book will provide useful insight into the problems occurring nowadays, ranging from the political battles to the threats of international terrorism.

1. The Sveta Nedelya bombing
2. Thessaloniki‘s Conspirators
3. The Explosion on the Vaskapu Ship
4. The Robbery at Arabakonak
5. The Explosion at the Bunovo Train Station
6. The Assassination of Gavril Radomir
7. The Miss Stone Affair
8. The Donkey Assaults
9. The Death of Tzar Boris III
10. The Attempt on the Pope’s Life
11. The Assassination of Aleko Konstantinov
12. The Explosion at the Sofian Casino
13. The Assassination of Dimitar Petkov
14. The Reichstag Fire
15. The Assassination of Stambolov
16. The Death of Tzar Kaloyan
17. The Assassination of Andrey Lukanov
18. The Mihaylianu Affair
19. The Assassination of Raiko Daskalov
20. The Bulgarian Umbrella
21. The Explosion Near Kupeli Bourgas
22. The Hijacking of Junkers-52
23. The Marseillean Assassination
24. The Assassination of Aleksander Dimitrov
25. The Assassinations of the Macedonian Ambassadors
26. The Bomb at Odeon Theatre
27. The Assassination of Yane Sandanski
28. Black Angels
29. The Assassination of Nikola Genadiev
30. The Hijacking of the ship ‘Radetzki’
31. The Valandovo Campaign
32. The Assassination of Hristo Belchev
33. The Attempt on Tzar Boris’ life at Arabakonak
34. The Assassination of Todor Aleksandrov
35. The Explosion at the Post Office in Gorna Oriahovica
36. Kidnapping the Catholic Archbishop
37. The Assassinators from Shumen
38. The Blast of the Nadejda Overpass
39. The Kidnappings at ‘Zlatni Piasaci’
40. The Assassination of Tzar Asen I
41. The Death of Liudmila Jivkova
42. The Poisoning of the Sofia Water Supply
43. The Conspiracy Against Tzar Ferdinand and the Russian Emperor
44. Final Flight to Varna
45. The Assassination of Mihail Takev
46. The Assassination of Dr. Vulkovich
47. The Blast at the National Theatre
48. The Assassination of the editor Evtimov
49. The Bible Affair
50. Gorunia’s Conspiracy